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  • Augmented Reality Game Studio


    Launch Project

    NerdHerder is a new kind of motion-controlled table-top augmented reality puzzle game, available for free on iOS and Android. NerdHerder was developed in the

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  • Entertainment Intelligence Lab


    Launch Project

    GameTailor uses “big data” algorithms to learn to predict individuals’ performances against a variety of interactive content. Many computer games center on a series of challenges carefully

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  • Adam Lab

    Viewpoints AI

    Launch Project

    The work on creating Viewpoints AI (VAI) borrows from contemporary movement theory to create an interactive installation piece that allows a human interactor / performer

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  • Experimental Game Lab


    Launch Project

    Mermaids is an experimental massively multiplayer game set in an underwater world in which players take the roles of hatchlings coming to life in

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Games @ Georgia Tech Initiative

Game on.

Games@GeorgiaTech is an institute-wide initiative to leverage Georgia Tech’s leadership role in video games research and education by bringing together and incubating interdisciplinary games research and academic activities across the campus. The game research community is working to bring together diverse games activities and foster greater internal and external awareness, research collaboration, and industry partnerships. Games@GeorgiaTech is designed to advance the games community, interdisciplinary research, funding opportunities, tech transfer and industry partnerships.

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