Viewpoints AI

Launch Project

The work on creating Viewpoints AI (VAI) borrows from contemporary movement theory to create an interactive installation piece that allows a human interactor / performer to co-exist in the same 2D plane as an artificially intelligent (AI) computer-controlled performer. In collaboration with Atlanta’s Out of Hand Theater, we have formally studied the Viewpoints movement method. Viewpoints describes body positioning and movement in a performance in terms of several different categories such as space, shape, time, emotion and movement. The various aspects of these categories were analyzed in detail to define and apply it to a movement – based, improvisational, human – computer, performance art piece. This installation transports the human into the same 2D space as the cybernetic performer through the analogue technique of shadow play, increasing the somatic engagement of the shared interaction experience. The human and AI performers can create a shared movement experience through improvised, turn – based interactions. The AI performer is a visually striking, anthropomorphic elemental being, composed of motes of light –  living, playful entities that want to explore the confines of their world, along with the human visitor to their two dimensional world.